Irrigation Installation & Repairs

Irrigation Installation & Repairs in Las Vegas

Customized Sprinkler & Irrigation Solutions

A quality irrigation system is essential for your landscape to grow and prosper. Proper design and installation are essential for optimal property maintenance. 2-15 Landscaping is a leader in irrigation installation and repairs in Las Vegas and Summerlin Area. We are equipped to handle everything from a basic residential sprinkler system to large, complex commercial systems.

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Irrigation System Design & Installation

The first step in the process is to determine the type of system that is best for your property. We offer installation of sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems that include irrigation timers and drip tubes. Drip irrigation systems are often a good choice for hilly areas, sloped ground, and low water pressure. Installation is generally less expensive than underground sprinkler systems, and drip systems are easier to alter later.

The advantages of drip irrigation systems include:

  • Applying water to the root of plants for more balanced water distribution
  • Water conservation
  • Easy watering for grass and shrubs
  • Less expensive
  • Easier to install

We can design an irrigation system customized to the needs of your property to ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency and conserves water. We can help improve your water conservation efforts by automating your system so it won’t turn on when the weather conditions are too cold or it's raining. In addition, your new system will automatically turn off when rain starts to avoid wasting water.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair in Las Vegas

If you are having a problem with your irrigation system, we can help. Our professional technicians can repair or replace broken sprinkler heads, diagnose and repair problems with water pressure, repair backflow valves, locate and repair leaks, repair problems with automatic rain shut-off, and fix broken fittings or pipes. We can provide a free estimate for irrigation and sprinkler installation and repairs in Las Vegas.

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  • beautifully landscaped backyard

    “Sean did a great job coming out and giving me what I needed and wanted with a beautifully landscaped backyard. He was even able and willing to fix the leak in my sprinkler system for me for a fair price. Thank you so much Sean!!!”

    - Katie D.
  • Quality and prices are very competitive!

    “Sean added a rockwall and a sprinkler system to my new house and I couldn't be happier. His work was quality and prices are very competitive. Thanks Sean!”

    - Mike B.
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    “I couldn’t be happier and I’ve already recommended 215 Landscaping to a few of my friends! I’ve never worked with any vendor before that has communicated in such detail exactly what they were going to do and when it would be done and then”

    - Alan M.
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    “Keenly priced, knowledgeable and a perfectionist, sums up Vegas native Sean Young's 2-15 Landscape business. With only a high level diagram, Sean and his team used their experience to create a desert landscape in our courtyard. In the past 20 years, we hav”

    - Lynda R.
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    “We have used 2-15 for a few different landscaping projects and they are always responsive and ready with good ideas. We also trust them to provide the best referrals, and they're always helpful when I have questions. The prices are great and we are so happ”

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